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bennet home improvement
We are a family owned custom home building and remodeling company, in business for over 35 years developing subdivisions, custom home building and remodeling.
With our in-house architect/designer we can really control the cost of designing a custom home or addition for costs less than $2,500. We work on a flat fee basis which allows the home owner to get competitive bids, or the brother-in-law deals, or anything that helps with the cost of the project. We have a 95 line item bid sheet that covers everything from foundation to toilet paper holders. Our customers always see real costs and receive all of our discounts. We can be turn key or act as a consultant. We are the best value in home building or remodeling in KC!
Our Four Goals of Business
  • We do what we say we will.
  • We do it when we say we will
  • We do it 100%.
  • We do it so that it profits our customer, the company, and the environment.
Our Primary Management Philosophy
To concentrate on the net results and complete our project on time and in budget, so that our name is recognized as the most quality conscious and dynamic provider in our field.
Bennett Home Improvement & Building creates a partnership with each of our customers to conserve their home's energy use, save them money, and reduce their overall carbon footprint.